The Climate Of Islands Of Malaysia

The Islands of Malaysia are well known for their balmy climate with gentle breeze and moderate rainfall.In the following lines you will find a brief climate description of one of the most famous of them.

The Climate Of Langkawi

The climate of Langkawi is, perhaps, the most diverse climate of all islands of Malaysia. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy both the tropical and moderate climate. The climate varies with elevation above sea level. On the lowland, the highs are around 90 F and lows around 70 F throughout the year. While the relative humidity, which remains around 80 percent throughout the year may disturb you but you have a chance here to escape from it. Just go the cable car and climb up to about 3000 feet to feel the most beautiful climate. Here both the high and low are 10 degrees lower with gentle and refreshing breeze blowing most of the time.

In short the climate of Langkawi is highly elevation sensitive.

The Climate Of Penang

The general features of the climate are similar to those of Langkawi described above; the only difference being that it is a bit hotter than the former. However the nights turn pleasant and are less humid than those of Langkawi. The rain is heavy throughout the year. The norm is a heavy downpour every 2-3 days. However, sometimes it may drizzle for more than 48 hours continuously.

The Climate Of Pangkor

It is a small island as compared to the other too mentioned above. It is a quiet place with a mild climate. Both temperature and rainfall rarely cross extreme limits. While you may feel a little humid but the moderate breeze blowing all the time keeps a good check on it.

The Climate Of Tioman

Unlike the other three islands, this island lies off the east cost of West Malaysia. By far it has got the best climate. It is my personal favorite. The most amazing thing is that although it lies in the same equatorial zone and has the same hydro thermal regime but still you neither feel the heat nor the humidity. The main reason being its average height of around 3000 feet above sea level. Secondly, it is cloudier than the other three islands described above which offsets the heat of the tropical sun. Thirdly, the breeze is more strong and consistent. Fourthly, the direction of the wind, for the most part is, onshore. So where ever you travel on this island, you rarely feel the effect of sun or the humidity.

This island has, however, one drawback, that is, from October onwards to about end of January, it is visited by very heavy rainstorms almost every year. So no problem. Just avoid these months and you will definitely get the best climate of all Malaysian Islands.

In short, of all the famous islands of Malaysia, Tioman Island has got the best climate with moderate temperatures and gentle breeze. It is really worth visiting.

Source by Waqar Awan
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