The Eternal Christian Gift of the Jerusalem Stone

The Eternal Christian Gift of the Jerusalem Stone 1
The Eternal Christian Gift of the Jerusalem Stone 2

Jerusalem is one of the most compelling and fascinating cities in the World. Its streets are paved with a million stories of the struggles of humanity; its walls have witnessed all the love and pain of mankind in his crusade for peace and prosperity; its stones have watched many thousands of dramas and crusades and continue to fascinate us with their array of colors.

Jerusalem stone can be a tawny yellow or palest pink; darkest terracotta or light beige. The entire landscape in Jerusalem and its surrounding hills is one of solid bedrock with a thin layer of shrubbery or scrub and it provided the building blocks for the ancient city thousands of years ago as it does today. To hold a Christian gift of a piece of Jerusalem stone in your hand is to hold a part of the ancient city itself; albeit a small part.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all hold Jerusalem sacred and many thousands of stories and legends abound within the history of the Old City, rich with art, architecture and holy ritual. The hallowed monuments of Jerusalem are carved from Jerusalem stone and the same stone can be given as a gift to mark birthdays, anniversaries, religious occasions and religious festivals.

In the modern World, the giving of gifts has become something of a habit and many people no longer bother to lend thought to the gift itself, preferring to give money or simply a card to mark a special occasion. Sadly, the economies of gift giving have become something of an issue in recent years and often a Christian gift is ‘bargain basement’ oriented; given with little thought other than saving a dollar or two on the purchase and escaping with as little impact on the bank account as possible!

A gift of Jerusalem stone allows the giver and the receiver to share a special link with the Holy Land. A Christian gift of The Jerusalem Stone is both meaningful for the holiday season and appropriate in that it is inexpensive, authentic and beautiful. The stones come in beautifully presented gift packs, some single stones and some in gift packs of two to share or to give away as a pair. Each stone has been carved by craftsmen in Jerusalem and as such each stone is unique, with no two alike; each with its own personality and color.

This year, abandon the bargain basement for once and try giving a Christian gift that means a little more than a penny saved – The Jerusalem Stone comes in a variety of gift ideas ideal to celebrate the holiday season.

The Eternal Christian Gift of the Jerusalem Stone 2

Source by Cathy Raff
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