Artikel Terkini’s CEO shoes caught everyone’s attention during Official Launching of Hi HOME Property Conference 2019

On Thursday (25th July 2019), Hartabumi CEO, Mr. Radzi Tajuddin set the conference ablaze with his appearance onstage. It wasn’t just his choice of words, and the heartfelt vision that he shared from the heart, but how he filled in the shoes of a CEO.

The Mr. Radzi was dressed in the Limited Edition “The 10: Nike Air Max 90 – Off White”. This was made obvious, due to the striking and conference-visible red tag sticking out on his shoes.

How did he end up walking on stage with the tag still on, you ask? One could pin the fault on the hovering cameras, the blinding spot lights, or even the pressure of sharing the stage with other equally prominent speakers. The truth is, it was purely intentional.

Yes, this is actually how the famous designer, Virgil Abloh intended for his products to be worn. The iconic designer of the Off White x Sneakers noted on Twitter that “the ‘zip-tie’ is the fastest way to tell if they are real or not….”.

Virgil Abloh

In fact, this event is reminiscent of when the Global superstar Justin Bieber got stopped by security for the suspicious looking zip tie  on his sneakers earlier this year.

Other than proof of its authenticity, the tags have also been attributed to as a design trademark by Abloh as a tribute to his commitment to producing one-of-a-kind fashion statements.

Rodi 2Rodi 1

Be it a fashion yay or nay, this incident then spread like wildfire on the net for all to see and comment. The Youth Minister, YB Syed Saddiq snapped a picture on which he shared on his IG Story commenting on the success of the conference with a cheeky remark,  “Congratulations brother, it’s just your shoes that were a bit off”. 

Rodi 3Rodi

In other social media platforms, a Facebook user by the name of Mutalib Uthman had a facepalm moment when all the netizens were making speculative comments on the CEO’s fashion statement. Other netizens comments include:

“As long as you’re confident, man!”

“If I’m wearing the 10: I would at least remove the tag!”

“Only Mat Rempits would leave the tag on!”

“It’s obviously sticking out! How can we not go crazy?!”

Well, we thought his presentation was sweet, especially when he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his team, supporters and his wife (Or should we say: Sole-mate). We Love you too Rodi!


The Hi HOME Property Conference 2019 was launched on the 25th August and featured an iconic lineup of speakers ranging from property experts, veteran investors and regulators from the market.

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