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Mr. Radzi Tajuddin, CEO of Hartabumi: Say Hi To your New Home #HiHOME #HiHOME2019


“This is the day that I have been waiting for 3 years. For this gathering to redefine the Housing Industry and Homeownership for all Malaysians” expressed Mr. Radzi as he began his presentation. He continued delighting the crowd when he shared that the Hartabumi team was comprised of 60% women & 40% men as well as 70% under 40 years old and  30% under 30 years old. This was also inserted with some cheeky comments to YB Syed Saddiq on how the parliament should reflect the same representation. 


Mr. Radzi proceeded to share the Milestones & Achievements by Hartabumi in the past 3 years which includes, 100 Thousand monthly visitors, 245 Million Transacted Properties and 

1045 New Homeowners living in their own property.


As he went to the crux of the matter, he shared the following challenges that is sweeping over the nation in this area:

Home Buyers – Awareness of buying a house. People aren’t equipped with the knowledge to complete the process. An uncomfortable truth we have to face is that for the past 5 years, the number of unsold property has increased by 600%. 
Product – The housing being provided is not what the market needs in terms of consumer demand
Policy – Bumiputra policies, release mechanisms all require more and increased discussions between the government, developers, ivestorsetc.
Market Trends – Individuals have bad financial habits and lack of proficiency in the knowledge of home acquisition. 


He moved on to share why we are hosting the Hi HOME Property Conference 2019. To align with the 4 clusters which are Affordability, Market & Policy, Technology & Future all presented by top personalities. 


“Our main goal is that we want to help the government and help make the country a better place. Property Portals are in abundance nowadays. We can all access any kind of property., but it all comes down to how much loan you can afford.”

At the HiHOME, we have a Loan Calculator that ensures your affordability. After that crucial step, you may start browsing the properties. You  will be connected to over 1,000 property agents. 


Mr. Radzi also gave us a sneak peek into future Hartabumi plans such as collaborating with bigger parties to have rent-to-own schemes (HiRENT) as well projects with 7 of the largest drone companies around (HiDRONE)

Visit to view over RM1Billion worth of property matched to your financial situation.

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